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Items for sale photohosting

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The Farthest Land

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My transcription and arrangement for solo guitar of The Farthest Land from the PS2 game Shadow Of The Colossus by Japanese composer Ko Otani.

Amazing emotive music.

Farthest Land_0001Farthest Land_0002

I did get a bit tired of this one at the end too as it’s quite long  – I think the chords are probably wrong in the last couple of bars and I’ll fix those eventually.

Martha’s Harbour

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Fingerstyle arrangement I did of the All About Eve song. Been doing for about a month so got a bit tired of it, so the last few bars are not exactly how I play it now, but I’m sure it will chop and change a few times more.

Hardest part was transcribing the melody since couldn’t find any sheet music anywhere. It has a lot of tied semi-quavers (not sure on the notation convention to do those) and the tune doesn’t repeat itself a lot – the chorus melody is very long.  Plus, the guitar is down-tuned a whole step.

I tried to incorporate as much of the original fingerpicked accompaniment as I could but that wasn’t always possible due to the positions of the melody notes.