Gear List

A list of my current guitars and amps at home.


  • EVH Wolfgang (Vintage White)
  • James Tyler Studio Elite HD (Candy Cherry Schmear)
  • Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 (Blue Matteo)
  • Tom Anderson Atom (Transparent Black)
  • Fender USA 50th Anniversary Stratocaster Deluxe (Sunburst)
  • Fender USA Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster (Vintage White)
  • Fender Japan Smart Size 57 Strat (Sunburst)
  • Fender Japan Smart Size 62 Strat (Blue)
  • Fender Japan Smart Size Jazz Bass (White)
  • Gibson Les Paul Standard (Desertburst)
  • Gibson Memphis ES-175 (Antique Red)
  • Phil Neal Lapstick
  • Teodoro Perez Romantica
  • Martin HD-28
  • Taylor Baby Taylor
  • Yamaha Guitarlele


  • Mesa Engineering Mark Five
  • Marshall DSL 1 C (50th Ann. JCM 2000 1W combo)
  • Marshall JVM 1 C (50th Ann. 1W Combo)

3 Responses to “Gear List”

  1. May I ask for a description of what you did to the ESP KH-Jr? You commented that you fixed the nut? also what strings did you use? I have had mine for two years (approx) as I bout it for my 10 year old. He quickly tired of it – and I have been playing it lately. It buzzez like crazy and needs to be tuned each session – but it is so much fun! Thanks in advance!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The nut was too high, so that when you pressed down on the strings in the low positions it would bend the strings out of tune, so I had the action lowered at the nut.

    Yes – mine also goes out of tune a lot (I tune it thorugh a TU-2 everys session), but its fun factor makes up for it.

  3. Where did you get your mark v In sg? How much

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