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Lesson 23: Nailing Autumn Leaves rhythm parts

Posted in chord changes, Jazz Guitar, music theory with tags , , on March 23, 2009 by Staff Writer

Still hacking away at this tune. Master gave me a chart from an Aebersold set that shows the chords. Finally, I can play a version of it all the way through. The trick for me, with many Jazz charts is to reduce the chords (e.g. an Emaj7 6/9 or an EbmajAdd4) to its basic chord, ie. an Emaj7 or an Ebmaj7 and then work from there.

Consequently, I can now play a straightforward version:

A) Verse

Cm7 | F7 | Bbmaj7 | Ebmaj7 |

Amin7b5 | D7 | Gm | G7 |

Cm7 | F7 | Bbmaj7 | Ebmaj7

Amin7b5 | D7 | Gm | Gm |

B) Bridge

Amin7b5 | D7 | Gm | Gm |

Cm 7 | F7 | Bbmaj7 | Ebmaj7 |

Amin7b5 | D7 | Gm C7 | F7 Bbmaj7 |

Ebmaj7 | AMin7b5 D7 | Gm | Gm

We spent some time playing through this till I felt comfortable with the progression and then spent some time trying to make the rhythm less monotonous, including doing some half-step substitutions.  Will continue to practice this. Leaving soloing aside for now and working on the rhythm in earnest – think this will payback well later.

Master did mention some things around tonality, e.g. we are in the key of Bb and have a minor ii V I (Amin7b5 | D7 | Gm) but we also have a ii Vi ii V in Eb appearing later on, so we can tread in between these tonalities depending on some of the emphasis notes in the melody. I hope to explore this more with Master next week.