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Getting to grips with the Boss RC-2

Posted in Guitar Gear with tags , , on May 8, 2009 by Staff Writer

I’m enjoying my Boss RC-2 which arrived last week. It’s a very nifty pedal and suits my simple requirements perfectly. I just wanted some basic looping and this has that, plus some ease-of-use features that surprised me.

My favorite feature is the ‘auto’ mode. Basically, what this does, is to wait around and detect when there is an input signal before it starts recording. The advantage of this is that there is no need for you to step on the pedal at the exact moment that you start playing which might possibly cause you to miss a note or fumble. It’s great! So, you just use the tap tempo button to set the speed and press the pedal once to ‘prime’ it, i.e. put the pedal into a waiting state until it hears you playing. Then, you can count along with the guide (I prefer the basic metronome ticking sound) or count along with the flashing light (red on 1, green on 2, 3 & 4) and then start playing.

The way to stop playing is a bit trickier. In order to make a phrase that loops nicely, you need to press the pedal twice at the right timings. The manual suggests that in the last bar, you press the pedal once on the ‘4’ of the measure and then again on ‘1’ of the next measure. The RC-2 stops at that point and if you have set the tap tempo, it will do a nifty quantize so that it loops and fits seamlessly and sounds like someone playing continually.

This is hot becoming one of my favorite pedals.


Hmm… what’s that piece of crap there in the window? I’ll give you 50 bucks for it… Denied.

Posted in Guitar Gear with tags , , on April 20, 2009 by Staff Writer

I wrote the other day about a jam session I had with an acquaintance of mine.

While hanging around outside and saying goodbyes and so forth, I was peering into the window of the studio where they also had stuff for sale. There was a big selection of pre-owned pedals – mainly BOSS ones and they all seemed to be marked at SDG $120 (about USD $80). Nestled among all the CS-3s and DS-1s and normal run-of-the-mill stuff I suddenly spied a reddy-purplish box in mint condition with ‘DM-3’ marked on it. GASP! A BOSS DM-3 in original (mint) box sitting there gathering dust in  a store window in a backwater part of Singapore? What!?

I looked around to see if anyone else had seen it, then took a closer look. It was in the box, so I had no way of telling what its condition was going to be like, but the box was in excellent, near perfect condition with very little fading and no bumps.  I had actually bid on a DM-2 box to house my own sample (note – *just* the box) over a year ago, which ended up going for about $50 USD in the end, so seeing this baby looking so well, I couldn’t wonder at what a great condition the pedal inside would be.

The studio was too busy for me to get to the store owner at that point, plus I had to say goodbye to all the new folks I had met, then buy some dinner and rush it home, so I resolved to return the next day to see if I could get the DM-3.

That night I did some checking on eBay. BOSS DM-3s were going for at least $200 USD and many of those were unboxed and a little beaten. If I could secure this VGC one I could probably flip if for a 300% profit – assuming I would even sell it. I began quaking a little with excitement.

The next day, I left the office early and took the train out East. The store was right near the station. I had deliberately dressed a bit slummy and wore jeans and a Tee to disguise myself a bit.  It was the middle of the day – bands would not be jamming. I would be able to get near the store owner. I saw him outside the store, carrying a baby and talking to a couple of old uncles.  I walked up to the window and started casing the joint – pretending to snoop around disinterestedly and poking a couple of the cheap guitars that were hanging up.

I turned my attention to the window with all the pedals in it. There were so many and there it still was – the DM-3 box, nestling on top of a couple of old TS-9s. I swallowed a couple of times and looked around to see if I could catch the store owner’s attention.

“Hello, yes, can I help you?” he said.

“Are all these for sale?” I asked.


“This Octaver – says $120 – is that the best price?’”

“All prices are there.”

“Ok – thanks. Can I look at one of those TS-9s please?”

“Ok – wait ah..” 

I pretended to look around some more and eyed up some other pieces. “Oh – what’s that on top of that. I’ve never seen one of those before…” I said, playing dumb and pointing at the DM-3.

“Oh, that one not for sale.”  I began to shrink.

“You said all these were for sale. Why is it there if it isn’t for sale?”

“That is rare BOSS analog delay – very collectible. Are you a collector?” What the hell was this old uncle doing having an actual knowledge of what he had in his possession! The utter bastard!

“No” I said (not really a lie, but I didn’t really want to say that I wanted to pay peanuts for it then sell it for a vast profit on eBay). “I just never heard of one of those and was wondering what it was like. Ok, well it’s not for sale then…”

“No.”  Denied.

“Ok then.” 

I slinked off defeated. Bastard. I considered my next move, possibly involving waiting until the dead of night, a stocking mask and a brick through his window…

Just ordered this guy from Musicians Friend

Posted in Guitar Gear with tags , , , on April 15, 2009 by Staff Writer

Since Singapore seems to be completely out of them… 7 bucks cheaper from the US, but with the shipping will turn out slightly more, but hey – when you got GAS, what to do?

Just wanted one for very simple looping, i.e. just set up some quick ad-hoc vamps for jamming over, so opted for this rather than the twin pedal RC-20XL or the giant RC-50. I ain’t gonna be no Looping fiend so went for this basic one.


I did look at the DigiTech HardWire Delay/Looper at Swee Lee yesterday lunchtime which has decent reviews, but being a BOSS fan went with what I know as I didn’t really take to the broader width  of the DigiTech, plus the rubber on the base of them doesn’t look like it lends itself to sticking velcro or 3M Dual-Lock.