Pedalboard for jamming

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bass pic

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For sale photohosting

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Old and new

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Hofner 457/S/E1

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This guitar has come into my possession.  It needs some work done to it and I will be going to Malcolm for some restoration on it and I can’t wait to see the results.


After extensive searching I have established that this is a Hofner 457/S/E1 archtop and part of this series

To date it, I followed the instructions found here and using this method established that the body of the guitar was made on 13th May 1959.

This is tremendously exciting.

WP_20141114_008 WP_20141114_009

…but as I said, there needs to be a ton of work done on it – I can see the following problems with it already:

neck binding crumbling/cracking and coming away from side of neck

rusted frets

veneer on headstock coming away

rusted switches and electronics (though it does make a sound when plugged in!)

missing tuner peg

cracked scratchplate has come away from bracket

broken strap pin

and more…

but amazingly, given this guitar hasn’t even been in a case for god knows how long the main body is in tremendous shape with some honest wear and no major breaks/cracks or dings.

Bass Cube

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Latest stereo

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Left and Right 1W Marshalls.


Self-made cable – two outputs into one TRS that the Flint needs for stereo input from stereo outputs of the Empress.


The board – Empress -> Flint -> DD7.